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where are all the things you fought for?

all the dreams you shed your blood for

Buffy Summers
19 October 1981

into every generation, a slayer is born...

Age: 18
Birthday: January 19, 1981
Status: Alive, though she died once
Occupation: Slayer
Location: Main Gauche
Camp: Undecided
Relationship Status: Single
Strengths: Being the Slayer gives her greater strength, speed and agility than any normal human - equal to that of angels and demons. She also heals much faster than a normal human. Skilled with a good number of weapons - pretty much anything, except for guns. Resourceful, good at thinking on her feet, good at fighting both alone and with friends. Sort of a natural leader, genuinely cares about and for people.
Weaknesses: Not so much research girl - tends to rely on others for information, while violence tends to be her first answer to any problem. Somewhat arrogant, gets very testy when anyone questions her authority. Prone to letting emotions cloud her judgment.
Tay Barnam: Buffy's closest friend at the moment. Buffy teaches her the joys of shopping and frappuccinos, they kill things together... the foundation of every good friendship. She does remind Buffy a little of Faith, though.
Andrew Wells: Knows a different, older Buffy. Used to be evil (so he says), but now fights for the forces of good. Generally cute, harmless, a little annoying, but nevertheless part of the gang. Buffy's sort of reluctantly fond of him.
Roland Deschain: Kind of the strong, annoyingly silent type, but also a kind of kindred spirit. Way too young to be this old, and Buffy knows the feeling. She's not quite sure what to think of him, but she likes him!
Played By: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (post-S3)
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AIM: allfireburns
Email/Gchat: toofarfromgrace@gmail.com
-First encountered the supernatural at 8, when her cousin Celia was killed by a demon while Buffy watched
-Was a popular cheerleader at her high school in LA, elected Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen
-Became the Slayer at 15, after which she quit cheerleading and started killing vampires with sharp pointy objects
-Parents divorced not long after she was called, which she's always felt had something to do with her
-Kicked out of school after she burned down the gym (it was full of vampires!), had to move to Sunnydale to find a good school that would take her
-Forced into a mental institution for a few weeks after telling parents about Slayers and vampires
-Killed by a vampire called the Master, resuscitated by her friend Xander
-Fell in love with a vampire called Angel, then was forced to kill him after he lost his soul and tried to end the world
-Ran away from home over the summer and worked as a waitress for a while in LA
-With the help of her friends, blew up her high school on graduation day to kill the mayor of Sunnydale - to be fair, he'd just turned into a big snake demon
-Was planning to go to college at UC Sunnydale - instead, she fell through the Rift
-Fell through the Rift in Cicero, where she met Shepard and Dresden and was taken to Main Gauche
-Made friends with Tay Barnam, who might as well be a Slayer and needed some serious lessons in having a life
-Cannot for the life of her control her need to make snarky comments - and doesn't particularly want to
-Has a bite-mark scar on the right side of her neck, the result of having been bitten (and temporarily killed) by the Master
-Loves ice skating - she wanted to be Dorothy Hamill when she was little and used to go to ice shows with her father
-Cannot drive. Or... can, technically, but badly. Seriously, don't let her behind the wheel of a car.
-Wears a cross around her neck at all times. It doesn't do her any good in this universe, but... you know, force of habit and sentimental value.
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